Why Red?

Why Red Rapunzel when all the stories say Rapunzel has Blonde hair?

Well first, the most obvious reason is that I, Jamie, the founder of Red Rapunzel, have very long red hair and my username on social media is Red Rapunzel. (Yes, this is a plug. Go follow me!!) Haha. But I soon came to realize that the color red had a much deeper correlation to what I wanted this to stand for.

The color red symbolizes strength, love, passion, leadership, courage, will power, determination & action. That’s amazing. Those are the qualities I see in other women & moms. Chances are your Rapunzel story encompasses all of those too!

If you know anything about life force energy and the energy centers of the body, then you probably know about chakras. If you don’t, then google it for more info. But basically chakras are the energy centers in the body that pass communications between you and your world. The 7 main chakras are more known than the others and are located along the center line of the body, from the top of the head to the tailbone. They all correlate to many things such as organs, body parts, emotions, personality issues, struggles, dis-ease in the body, and periods of growth throughout ones life. Plus much more. It’s really interesting. Google it! So anyways, the root chakra (located at the tailbone) is associated with the color red. It correlates to the first couple years of ones life and deals with safety, security, survival, physical identity, support and foundation for living our lives, and our level of groundedness.

So you see, this paints a much clearer picture of why the color red is so significant! Our Rapunzel stories relate to who we are to our core, our basic need to survive, the need to feel secure and safe, and being grounded and confident in who we are. Red Rapunzel has found herself and has taken charge of her life. She’s been through some stuff and has gained strength and courage and knows what she wants!! Now go make life your bitch! Haha. Just kidding. Share your Rapunzel stories and support each other. You’ll see we have a lot more in common than you thought. That’s how we all win.

Now….go grab life by the balls….:D

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