There was this man today…

Two to three times a year I set up a booth at an event that’s held at a local spiritual center. I love to sell crystals, incense, smudges….you know, all that new age hippie kinda stuff. I also do Reiki energy healing. Anywho, the event is full of interesting and exciting vendors including psychics, mediums, tarot card readers, astrologists, chakra/aura readers, energy healers, jewelry makers, essential oils, etc. So, needless to say it’s an event full of a variety of people, and you are bound to meet some that are more interesting than others. I love these events!!

So there was a man walking around today that clearly stood out. He was of average height, had a shaved head, black random tattoos on his arms, fairly thin, and an extreme amount of tattoos covering his face. I think perhaps the type of looking man that the average person would shy away from. Eventually he made it to my booth and was quietly looking around at what I had to offer. I gently said, “Hello, how are you?” and he kindly replied with your normal response, “Good, how are you?” He looked up at me as he responded and had a friendly gleam in his eyes. You could see he was missing quite a few teeth as he spoke which caused him to speak with a sort of impediment, and it was very clear that he had been drinking alcohol as the scent wafted in my direction. We made small talk as he admired an owl tapestry on my table. I mentioned that I loved owls and he proceeded to tell me a story about when he grew up how someone he lived with rescued a baby owl that grew to be an adult and it lived with them in their house. And then he followed with a similar story about a raccoon. He was pretty animated with his body language and spoke loud and excitedly as he told his story, and I was honored to listen to what he wanted to share with me.

The whole time he was telling me his story, the only thing I could think of was how I could see this man’s true self shining through his eyes, and how much I loved him. Not so much him personally, as I did not know this man of course. But this man’s true self, his spirit, his soul, his essence, his being. His energy seemed to tell me that he was lacking love and acceptance in his life and he felt very lonely and neglected. People on a daily basis probably either overlooked him or avoided him because of his unkept appearance and bold tattoos. I just felt like all he needed was love. The beauty of his true self shined through to me. I made it my intention to send him love and told him silently that I saw the real him and I loved him. I imagined energy pouring from my heart chakra to his. I don’t know if he felt it but at one point it looked like he had tears in his eyes. As his story progressed, he was walking further away from my table down the row and by the end of his story he was standing in front of the table next to me. I don’t know if my energy made him a little uncomfortable or not. But when he finished talking he said, “thank you,” with a glimmer in his eyes and he drew a heart on the left side of his upper chest with his two pointer fingers and quickly walked away.

Not but a minute after he left, a friend of mine who also had a booth, came up behind me and asked if I was sending him good energy. I was surprised and told her exactly what I was thinking and doing while he was talking. She admitted she was also doing the same thing when he was at her booth. We got into a little conversation about him and how he needed love and how most people probably couldn’t see that in him and it just brought up so much in me that I fought back tears. Not so much of sadness, well maybe a little, but more of deep love for the human condition and the interconnectedness of us all. This man’s spirit was mine. His pain was mine. His struggle was mine. His heartache was mine. His love was mine. And I was extremely grateful that another spirit (my friend) was also operating out of pure love for this struggling soul. I don’t think many do. I honestly wanted to embrace this man and tell him he was loved. But maybe that would have been awkward.

But I do. I truly love all the souls here. We are all the same. We are all from source. We all hurt. And we all need love.

Another vendor approached me as everyone was packing up and the place was nearly empty. He commented about the man, saying he was wondering if I attracted all the crazy people. I just quietly and calmly told him that this man was fine, he was ok, he just needed love. The vendor admitted that he couldn’t do it, he couldn’t deal with this man or have the patience to offer him the love that he needed. And that’s ok. We’re all doing the best we can. We’re not always equipped emotionally to handle unusual or challenging souls. Some days we can, other days we may fall short. But there was this man today…..and he healed a part of me. I will be forever grateful for him.

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