Red Rapunzel’s Mission

Surviving and getting out of an abusive relationship is my Rapunzel story.  I believe all women have Rapunzel stories but society doesn’t provide a safe and nurturing place for us to share them. Millions of women keep their stories way down deep. Down where those who may want to discredit, deny, or make fun of them can’t reach. Many women are now gaining the courage to tell their stories as others come out in the news. There’s strength in numbers and if we all support each other, we have nothing to fear, nothing to lose.

Red Rapunzel is a place where women are welcomed, supported, encouraged, valued, and loved. A place where they can celebrate their strength, independence, and uniqueness. They are welcomed to share their strength and creativity with the world. Most importantly, it’s a safe place where all women can tell their stories of survival and be supported! Here, women help raise each other up and support each other’s goals and dreams. We are strong, we are warriors, we are nurturing, and we are loving. And without us the world would not go on!

Red Rapunzels…..We are Warriors, we are Goddesses, we are Badasses!

Why “Red” Rapunzel?