Rapunzel is a story of abandonment, abuse, sorrow, misery, loneliness, hope, freedom, and happiness. It’s about overcoming obstacles and getting to the life you want, the life that gives you freedom and happiness.

The traditional Rapunzel needed a prince to save her and set her free.  Today’s Rapunzel uses her inner strengths to set herself free, to create her own happiness. She is her own hero, a warrior, a badass.

What is your Rapunzel story?


The Story of Rapunzel

Red Rapunzel’s Mission

Why “Red” Rapunzel?


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If you’re a strong, passionate, courageous woman with an amazing survival story, I’d love for your to share it with the world! We have strength in numbers and there’s nothing we can’t accomplish if we work together. Individually we are strong, but together….we move mountains!

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