What is the Red Rapunzel site about?

Red Rapunzel is a community for women to be supported and celebrated by everyone! Many women have been through horrific and traumatizing situations and the only one that truly saved them was themselves! Women are strong, brave, courageous, loving, passionate, nurturing, and most of all….survivors! In fairy tales, like Rapunzel, the damsel in distress waits for a prince to save her. In real life, Rapunzel saves herself!

On Red Rapunzel you will find blogs written by women and if you shop in our store you will be helping to support women! 

What can you do on the Red Rapunzel site?

You can create your own user account which gives you your own customizable profile. It allows you to connect with other members, message them, post on their wall, chat with them, etc. There is also a forum where you are welcome to post, comment, and read other posts for support and encouragement. There is also a place to shop. All of the sellers are women so you can support them in that way too!

What is the story of Rapunzel?

Read it here

Why is it called “Red” Rapunzel?

Read about that here

Can men use the Red Rapunzel site?

Absolutely! I encourage men to create accounts and interact with everyone too. This is purely a place to support, encourage, and empower women so keep this in mind. Please refrain from verbally attacking, criticizing, or hitting on women here. The intention is for this to be a safe place where women can recharge and feel good about themselves. Those who can’t abide by this will be kicked out. Thanks for understanding. 

Can I follow Red Rapunzel on social media?

Red Rapunzel is on FB, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumbler @redrapunzels. And hey, thanks for the follow!!

How do I get my own blog?

If you’re a Red Rapunzel and would like to contribute, contact me here

How can I sell on Red Rapunzel?

If you are a woman and would like to sell on Red Rapunzel, please register for a vendor account here….

What are auctions?

The auction section will be coming soon, as Red Rapunzel progresses. It will be a place to hold public auctions to raise money for women’s causes and charities.