The Dolls to Help a Nation

Something magical happened last week. Something extraordinarily divine and magical. So much transpired in such a short amount of time that I swear it feels like a month since it happened.

Inspired to take action and help, when Trump’s zero-tolerance policy started separating families at the border, a Facebook friend of mine posted that she wanted to start sending dolls to the children that were taken from their families at the border, and she welcomed anyone to join in and help. Now I had been reading about what was happening and my heart was completely devastated. Being a new mom, it angered me to no end that families were being ripped apart and so many people WERE OK WITH THIS!!! So I immediately volunteered to help. This touched my heart so deeply! Within minutes we were messaging back and forth and strategizing about how to go about getting dolls to the children. So we knew we weren’t going to get the families back together, but it was in both of our hearts that this was so extraordinarily important, because it would give these children something to hold onto and knowledge that there were people outside that were thinking about them and sending them love.

That’s all we were looking to do….spread love. We knew each other through family but had never really met or talked much. We have many things in common; we are both Reiki Masters, highly compassionate empaths, had been through abuse, and have huge hearts, among many other things. This relationship worked! Within hours and then days, Jerilee had contacted many people and organizations that were connected with the children and pointed us in the direction we needed to go. It was maybe 3 days into it that she established a connection that would get the dolls to the children! Yes!! Meanwhile, we had created a group for volunteers to get and share information, social media accounts to share with the world, I created a few different business/doll logos, she started making dolls as did members of our group. About a week into it, I received 4 dolls in the mail as I had agreed to be the receiver and would ship the dolls to Texas. Now, about 5 days later, we are expecting more than 20 dolls in the mail. Hand made dolls!! Beautiful comfort dolls made with love. And they are amazing. I am so grateful to the beautiful, big hearted people who are devoting their time to help with this.

Now this is just the beginning. We are not keeping our efforts solely on these children from South America. This is only our focus for the moment since it’s such an immediate and desperate need right now. All children are included around the country, and in all situations. Needy children, foster children, children in shelters, children in hospitals, homeless children, the list goes on. With so much anger and hate in the world, spreading love around is SO important.

With that being said, I have promised to donate 10% of the profits from everything purchased to the making and distributing of these dolls.

Looking to help You Are Loved Dolls?

There are many ways to get involved and help all children in need:

  • hand make your own dolls and send them to us. Join our Facebook group here
  • Follow us on all social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Donate to our GoFundMe (
  • Purchase anything from my site here and I will donate 10% to You Are Loved Dolls
  • Share our posts with your friends!

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