most of the world would seem to agree
this little plant here is a wee little weed
try with their might to get it to leave
never caring about how this thing came to be

it starts with a seed you probably don’t see
it’s down underneath, down where you’ll never be
it’s dark and it’s cold but this wee little weed
has dreams that exceed what you think it could be

all the time that it waits, nothing stops, it creates
no thought, full of faith, all it knows is it’s great!
right on time, nothing’s late, no set date, don’t hesitate
meditate and create, expressing love is its fate

when it’s right a stem will grow, to you and me it’s very slow
it can’t be stopped that easy though, observing nothing as its foe
all its beauty starts to show when all is right, the petals glow
in smiling shades of sunny yellow, shielding friendly bugs below

just like season has a reason when it shifts into completion
petals slowly start to wither but its purpose clearly deepens
while it seems the end is nearing, all is dying, disappearing
to its faith it’s still adhering, sharing love with what’s appearing

if you’ve blown upon this weed and made wishes for what’s to be
watched it’s tiny little pieces float into eternity
you’ve helped fulfill its prophecy, expand its possibilities
one little seed with endless dreams has helped you see what life could be

nothing’s wasted, nothing’s worthless, big and small we all have purpose
at times it’s dark, loneliness surges, impatience waiting for its service
our faith alone is what determines how the world looks in its pureness
can you see your beauty surface? in just being, you are perfect

- Jamie Munney

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