When someone says Rapunzel, what comes to your mind? Maybe that she had really long hair, lived in a castle, and she was rescued by a prince who climbed up her hair to save her.

Of course, Rapunzel is known for having very long hair, but there's a deeper, darker side to the story.  Most think of it as a tale, but its true meaning grabs hold of things deep inside us to which we can all relate: fear, struggle, desperation, courage, the will to live, and the search for happiness and freedom.

I believe all of us have a Rapunzel story.  A time in our lives where we struggled, were scared and desperate, and didn't know how we were going to get through....but our strength, courage, and will to live made it happen.  Our inner self was the prince that saved us.

This site is dedicated to all the strong women.  I see your struggles, I recognize your strengths, and I honor the warrior in you.  Rapunzel may have been saved by a prince but Red Rapunzels save themselves!

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